Verhalen achter de biertjes @Oedipus Brewing - Nick Klaessens - Freelance Journalist
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Verhalen achter de biertjes @Oedipus Brewing

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Verhalen achter de biertjes @Oedipus Brewing

Voor de gezelligste, lekkerste, beste brouwers van Amsterdam-Noord schreef ik de verhalen achter de bieren. In het Engels. Je vindt ze allemaal achter deze link. Maar m’n favoriete bier én verhaal lees je hieronder: DE PANTY.


Your relationship just ended. For you, the only way to fill the void and restart your romantic life is to have an explosive one-night-stand. You go out on the town with a gorgeous woman.


Everything goes according to plan, one straight line to that ultimate goal of letting go. Next scene cuts to a cramped, Amsterdam flat complete with a creaking bed. As she lies down in front of you, she orders you to: “Rip my panties! Rip my panties off!”*


Perhaps this is your ultimate fantasy, or proven method of cleansing yourself of a broken heart, but this actually happened to our founder Rick. He later explained: “I wasn’t really into it. While I was sitting there on the bed, I thought ‘what on Earth am I doing?’ For years, everything I did was based on trust and then I went and got myself into this situation where I was hustled.”


Later that week when brainstorming a name for our latest brew, it all fell into place. Soft, a little smooth, and dark… the Panty was born. She is stout, pitch black, with a thick mouthfeel and 6% ABV. She has roasted, chocolate flavors, but isn’t sweet. With a full, dry aftertaste, she’ll stay with you longer than a one-night-stand. We recommend drinking Panty in bed (or out) at 10o-12o Celsius.


*Fun fact: Panty/panties is a bit of play on words here. ‘Panty’ in Dutch means tights/stockings, while in English the word ‘panties’ refers to underpants/knickers.”


Oedipus Brewing


3 juni 2015


Art, Business